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How to move a character left and right with Corona SDK

I see a lot of questions on the Corona SDK forums on how to move a character left and right within a game. Today, we will be answering this commonly asked question. This Corona SDK tutorial is meant to show the basics of moving objects. You can replace the objects below with any of the […]

How to move a character based on touch with Corona SDK

Hello and thanks for stopping by! In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to move an object based on a player’s touch. To keep things simple, I’ll be using basic shapes for this tutorial. Character movement is a fundamental action in different types of games and with Corona SDK, it’s fairly straightforward to […]

How to Rotate an Object Using Touch

In order to create unique games with Corona SDK, you’ll run across different scenarios where you need a bit of math. Whether it’s spinning a prize wheel, selecting some type of navigation, or just spinning things for fun, you may need to rotate an object in your next game. In this post, you’ll learn how […]

Using Double Tap in Corona SDK

Today’s post is really short, but it’s essential. Corona SDK has a built in feature to detect double tabs. This double tap feature can be used for jumping, shooting, and so much more. Here’s the code! local player = display.newRect(0, 0, 250, 250) player.strokeWidth = 3 player:setFillColor(140, 140, 140) player:setStrokeColor(180, 180, 180) player.x = display.contentWidth/2 […]