Why I Use Corona SDK

In 2011, I came up an idea called Pick My Dinner. I wanted to create an app that solved the question of Honey, what’s for dinner?. The app would solve the question by letting the user shake their device and the app would spin a wheel to pick a dinner for the user. I decided to start shopping around for mobile development platforms and I was astonished the amount of work that it would take to build a simple app like Pick My Dinner.

Along came Corona. Back in 2011, Corona Labs was known under the name of Ansca Mobile and under different ownership, but it was amazing. In less than a day of reading, I could create my first app. In less than a week, I had a prototype of Pick My Dinner. I remember that the creating the graphics for the app took longer than the actual code!

Fast forward to 2017 and I’ve published over 100 apps using Corona SDK. The apps have ranged from a calculator for engineers, a recipe app, and a plethora of game apps. Any time I run across someone that wants to build an app, I always steer them towards Corona. On a personal level, I’ve published a book on Corona, Corona SDK Application Design, and even though it’s a bit out of date, it’s still great to learn the fundamentals. I’ve also released 20+ free tutorials on GameBuildingTools.comTutsPlus.com, and a few paid courses on Udemy.

I currently have two apps in development and another app that is hopefully going to get a publishing deal thanks to Corona’s Publishing Services.

Ease of use

Corona SDK uses Lua as its language of choice and it’s arguably one of the easier languages to pick up on. This is important for individuals that want to get started with game development because it reduces the barrier to entry in development. It also helps that Lua is used in other arena so the Lua skill can transfer.


There’s a strong sense of community with Corona and if you post a question on the Forums, you’re likely to get an answer. A quick shout to roaminggamer and Rob Miracle for all the answers they provide.


It’s free! There are a few stipulations with the free tier, such as the splash screen, but that’s a minor caveat if you want to get started with mobile development.

If you’re reading this and you haven’t tried Corona, head on over to the download page and read their Ready, Set, Go! Documentation.

2 thoughts on “Why I Use Corona SDK

  1. Sean says:

    Hey man, I’m glad I stumbled upon this. It’s reminded me how incredibly friendly Corona is to use, while also making me sad I’ve fallen down so many other “rabbit holes” of development languages. Corona is what I’ve produced the most functional code in, I really need to get back into it. Thanks!

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