Antihero – A Game of Stealth, Creeping, and Stealing

Title: Antihero

By: Versus Evil

Price: $4.99

Category: Games

Sub-category: Role Playing Game

Initially Seen: December 2017


Rating: 8.5/10

Whether you love creeping around, peaking in windows or stealing people’s things, well, that’s just all super illegal. Why are you doing those things?! If you must, then play Antihero! This digital board game set in a gas-light world is amazing on the eyes, ears and the mind. Use your quick wit and nimble fingers to help your master thief trump his competition and take down the city through bribery, infiltration and murder! Just more illegal things you get to do here!

The amazing graphics and wonderful sounds will transport you into this seedy underbelly of a town you must make your own. You’re not alone out there though, but it’s going to cost you dearly. You and your counterpart will be taking to the streets and working against each other to infiltrate buildings, set up guilds and take down each other before the other takes down you! If you’re not fast or don’t line enough pockets, you’ll find yourself on the pokey side of your enemy’s blade.

As you use your turns to discover pathways and burgle houses for cash, you’ll need that ill-gotten gold to help bribe urchin children to take over churches and banks and other places that are definitely not suitable for children. But hey, it works. If you’re feeling bold, there’s also thugs and guilds at your beck and call to block your enemies and kill your targets. They’ll take their payments in blood, so make sure you’re aiming where you put that dagger.

Once you get into the game, you’ll find there’s so much to do and so many paths to explore. Not just on the streets, but the app itself holds many different experiences around this traitorous title. The campaign will get you up to snuff with its progression through simple 1v1 AI experiences before bringing you to the intricate, sweat-pouring-off-your-forehead moments where you just barely have enough turns to slip by. Once you’re sure you’re really a master thief, you can venture online and test your sneaky skills there. While the cartoon graphics are gorgeous, you can even purchase skins from some of your favorite stories to cover up your devilish characters. These cosmetic only upgrades can bring you into the world of Oliver Twist, Sherlock Holmes, Scrooge or if you’re feeling extra fuzzy, a cast of characters from the digital board game Armello!

With customizable online rules and multiple scenarios and challenges, Antihero makes sure you know how to play the game every which way. The best part is, you don’t have to win just by owning all the money, occupying all the squares or killing all your foes. There are several different ways to win and you can mix and match along the way. Bribe that official, infiltrate that church, destroy that seedy target and you’re well on your way to being infamous! You can beat the board without even letting your foe breathe, or you can make it the epic death match you’ve always wanted full of lies, deceit and death. It’s much better to get that all out in a competitive board game then real life, right? Guys? Am I right? Where did you go…

Pro Tip: There are multiple ways to win, but the key is your tech. Use your urchins to speed up how many lanterns you earn per round and unlock multiple movements first. This is the formula I used throughout the game to beat it.

This game does offer in app purchases, but none of them are necessary to beat the game. I wish more paid apps were like this one!

Screenshot of in app purchases
In app purchases, not required

Gameplay Demo

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