Hero Academy 2 – A Card Carrying Strategy Game

Title: Hero Academy 2
By: Robot Entertainment
Price: Free
Category: Games
Sub-category: Collectible Card Game
Initially Seen: March 28, 2017
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/hero-academy-2/id1164507120?mt=8

Rating: 8/10

Hero’s Academy 2 is a card-carrying strategy game where you need to beat your opponent by blowing their crystals up! A fun and frantic game where you make smart decisions and fast moves to best your opponent. Summon your heroes onto the battlefield, equip them, heal them and use spells and abilities to destroy the other side’s defenses. Once it’s clear, go in for the kill!

You’ll start out with a deck of cards like it was any old tabletop card game, but Hero’s Academy 2 takes you down a fun-filled rabbit hole. Instead of battling card to card, your hand comes alive on the battlefield with knights and wizards, archers and healers, and so much more! Every round, you’ll get a particular amount of mana that you’ll have ready to use to summon your little deities. If you don’t use all your mana, you can save it for the next round. That comes in handy when you’ve got some big monsters ready to fight by your side! There’s also equipment cards that give bonuses to attack or defense, as well as damage and healing spells in case you’re in a bind. The first side to smash the other side’s defensive crystals wins the game!

There are so many options to play in different ways on this battle board. If you like player versus player, you can hit the Duels and go head to head against another human. If you would rather just beat up some innocent computers, head on over to Hero Academy 2’s impressive amount of Campaigns and Challenges! There are even daily quests that help boost your bankroll and keep you on the right track to learning everything you can about the game. The campaigns and challenges will teach you the ins and outs of becoming a true Hero. If nothing else, relish in the victory as you dominate a helpless computer program.

Collecting cards is easy and building up your deck is a breeze! You can purchase basic card packs with gold, or special premium ones with gems! You’ll receive a massive amount of gold just playing the game, so you won’t have to worry about breaking your bank. There’s many ways to get gold between the quests, free crates, video watching and quest completion. Gems are the same way, but they’ll take a little longer to acquire everything you’ll need. You still don’t have to pay a dime though. Even the campaigns that are not unlocked in the beginning are acquirable through gems. You’ll just need to fight and win all that you can to get those phat loots.

The range of characters you can summon are as broad as the factions that are at play. You’ll start out with The Council, the regular human faction with its medieval theme. Then there’s the Dark Elf, Warden, Gladiator, Viking and Vermin. Each more powerful than the last, you’ll progress through these factions through their campaigns and acquiring their cards in card packs you purchase in the store for gold and gems. While The Council is easy and extremely winnable, the higher you progress in the factions, the more wow-factor the cards have. Just wait until you throw those nasty Vermin at your enemy!

Along with being a card and strategy game, there are all the settings of bringing this game deep down into your little eSport roots. With competitive seasons, you can climb the ranks and be the best Warden, Dark Elf or Viking you can be! You can even gather up your friends and create a guild together. There are so many options at play here, it’s a wonder you’ll ever step away from the board! Well, until that super huge monster one shots your crystal when you’re about to win the game. Just put the mobile device down and walk away. The monster is fake, the mobile device is real. Don’t smash it!

Pro Tip: Make sure you have a plethora of monsters in your deck, even if they’re smaller ones. A lot of times, you can win by attrition and just having more monsters in your deck then the other player can let you grab an easy win!

Hero Academy 2 Challenges

If you are struggling with some of the challenges, visit my YouTube channel at youtube.com/gamebuildingtools. I’ve posted some of the challenges and how to beat them there.

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