Meteorfall – An Amazing Card Game

Title: MeteorFall
By: Lamb Damu Pte. Ltd.
Price: $2.99
Category: Games
Sub-category: Collectible Card Game
Initially Seen: Jan 19, 2018

Rating: 8.5/10

Meteorfall is an amazing new card game that will have you flipping cards and flipping tables all the way to the final boss. You’ll need to slash, stab, cast and heal your way to a victory before one of those ugly monsters take you down. There is no save point here! Once you’re down, you’re out! Meteorfall packs it’s entire game into one small price and is free of ads and any in game purchases. Everything you need you earn right in game!

Upon this journey, you’ll be playing as either a warrior, a thief, a wizard, priest or a necromancer. Each hero has a select group of cards that they’ll start with and pull from along their journey. The warrior depends on brute strength will the thief is a stamina demon. The wizard will be casting his heart out while the priest will smite and heal as best she can. A new hero is on their way, the Necrodude, who brings the undead to life to battle his enemies. With each win, you’ll earn gems that help you unlock more cards for these special heroes, but even they’re not needed to stab your way to a high score!

Meteorfall - Cleric Meteorfall - Warrior

The game is simple to grasp and hard to master. With each turn, you’ll either fight a monster or get one of the many other choices this game has to offer. You could head to the shop for new cards or over to the blacksmith to upgrade what you’ve got. The Temple will help you reduce your card load while the Treasure gives you the option to add to it. You’ll need to strategize all your trips as well as healing and which benefits to take along the way when you level or encounter unique obstacles in your path. Choosing between your HPs or getting an extra turn can be heart wrenching if you’re so close to the final boss. Those few HPs you gave up could mean your very victory or doom.

The graphics are amazing, fun and quirky, and the animation is a blast. There’s no clean and proper atmosphere here. You’re playing with grubby cards on a wooden table somewhere out in the woods and an angry bear is your dealer. The immersion of the game is the best part as you’re fighting for your life and having fun doing it. You’ll have to make sure you’re getting everything you need to out of your deck with the right upgrades, adds and removals. Pick your favorite hero, play the crap out of them and master every twist and turn they have to offer. With three play rounds and a final boss, you’ll have to act quick and power yourself up or that boss is going to sneak up to you quickly and lay you to waste. If they do, don’t worry! Just start over and make sure you take a new path on your way to victory.

The game is brand new and there’s a lot of things that need to be worked out, like a global scoreboard who’s been a little tampered with, or some easy cheats to make your game super simple. There’s no fun in a simple game, especially in Meteorfall where every card stirs an emotion as it’s added or lost from your deck. The game is hard, but very fun, and the randomness and thoughtfulness that will make you a champion will be well earned! This is not a game to be missed, and at a low single purchase price, this game pays for itself after the first minute of hilarity and table flipping angst.

Pro Tip: Less is more. You don’t want to add tons of cards to your deck. Make thoughtful choices and visit the Temple often to get rid of cards you realize are holding you back. Especially with the Thief, you’ll want the least amount of cards possible that use up a turn instead of giving you one back for free.

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