Summoner’s Greed

Title: Summoner’s Greed

By: Pixio Limited

Price: Free

Category: Games

Sub-category: Idle, Tower Defense

Initially Seen: August 7, 2017


Rating: 6.5/10

Summoner’s Greed is a cute and quirky tower defense that defies the rules of the genre. Instead of fending off your city/town/the princess from evil monsters, this time you’re a little more… greedy? The enemies aren’t bloodthirsty monsters (well, at first), they’re dopey-eyed soldiers from the town that you just stole that hoard of loot from. Don’t want to give it back? Summon your creatures, crawlies, and crazy monsters to defend your “finder’s keepers” snag.

The board is very simple and linear with a plain back and forth pathway from the town to your loot. Along the way, you have nine pedestals that you can place your monsters on and it’s within that formula that all the strategy really revolves around. It’s not just about upgrading your towers for more power or buffing your spells and damage, it’s knowing the exact way to stop those cold-hearted villagers in their tracks so they can’t get their stuff back! Be careful though! Your lines are protected by rocks stationed between the pedestals and some jacked-up villagers like to destroy them to go straight for the prize. Remember to carefully place your damage creatures to stop them!

You’ll have bears that stomp, spiders that slow, totems that buff, and the all-important slime creatures that spit their adorable blobbiness at your enemies. With each kill, you’ll acquire the gold you’ll need to level your towers and buff your strength. Every time a villager makes it past your gauntlet and reclaims their treasure, you’ll have the choice to restart where you are or from the very first wave of human fodder. While it may seem pointless to go all the way back to the start, it’s great for farming up more gold to get stronger.

You’ll earn new creatures to defend you with every 10 green orbs you acquire. These can come from killing the “bosses” every ten levels or from Mr. Monitor who offers you treats and buffs in return for watching videos. When you turn in your ten orbs, you get a monster card that will either give you a new monster or buff your previous ones. It’s highly recommended that you keep using the 10-orb choice of a common monster and not the 30-orb choice of a rare or higher because those common monsters need love too. They hit fast and keep your lines running smoothly. It’s not just about the rares, people! The Seller will offer you orbs as well at 100 gold per pop when you’ve hoarded enough gold up. This might be a good deal for you if you feel you’re high powered enough and don’t need the gold.

There’s also the in-game currency in the form of gems. Gems are one of those pay to play features but are also acquired completely free through gameplay. There’s a chance for villagers to drop them upon death or our lovely Mr. Monitor will offer you a pack of five for a simple video view or The Seller will offer them at 100 gold each. One of the major buffs is a 500-gem upgrade which doubles your base power. This took me roughly two days of semi-casual gameplay, so you don’t have to pay a dime to get some high-quality power running through your camp!

Overall, there are many “walls” to overcome in the game that may make it feel like an AFK grindfest, but every time you muscle past them, you’ll feel a renewed sense of love for this silly game. After you master the first map, a hard mode option and a whole new map opens up for you, so there’s tons of gameplay and grinding to do! You take your towers with you to every map, so you never have to worry about wasting time working on your towers. While the game is greedy for our time, Summoner’s Greed will show you why it was worth stealing that treasure chest.

Summoner’s Greed Game Demo

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